Bartele 472 Sport

Onne 376 Sport x Tsjerk 328 Sport Pref


Welcome to the website of Handels & Exportstal Heuker in Zevenhuizen (Groningen province) and Een (Drenthe province). The place to be for Frisian horses and many other types of horses.
On this website you will find information about our stud farm, trading stable, and training possibilities.

Take a look further for more information about our stallions, export and quarantine facilities, trading horses, and training options.

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About us

Our trading stable and stud farm is located in Zevenhuizen, a small village on the border of Groningen, Drenthe, and Friesland provinces. The quarantine stable can be found at our second location, located in Een, on the border between Drenthe and Friesland provinces. You can find more information about our second location on the Heuker Horse Cargo page.

Heuker BV is a family business specialised in Frisian horses. Besides accommodating horses, including the Frisian stallion Bartele 472 Sport, we are also engaged in the export of horses all over the world.

And apart from that, our trading stable is the place to buy or sell your Frisian horse.


Our stallion farm offers an interesting collection of Friesian stallions. Meet the stallion Bartele 472.

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You want to buy a friesian horse? We regularly have friesian horses for sale. Is it a mare or a gelding? Recreation or sport? We are happy to help you!

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