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Bartele 472 Sport AAA

Bartele 472 Sport AAA

Breed: Fries

Offspring: Onne 376 Sport x Tsjerk 328 Sport + Preferent

Height: 1.70 meter

Year of birth: 2008

Bartele 472 Sport is one of the best breeding Frisian stallions in the KFPS!

Bartele comes from Onne + Tsjerk parentage, which is a good combination. On the dam's side, the excellent Boszorg line is particularly notable. Bartele also passes these strong genes on to his offspring and has the unprecedented high breeding value of 116 for breed characteristics! Of Bartele’s first crop, no fewer than 8 mares were provisionally declared crown, of which 6 have since been awarded the definitive designation of crown. The first two crops also saw two approved sons: Tjebbe 500 and Teun 505.

Bartele 472 has also performed exceptionally in dressage. In 2015 he became champion at the Post Kogeko championships. We will continue to have Bartele perform in dressage under Hennie Roffel.

Much was said during the central inspection about Bartele’s zest for work and his very correct movements. Bartele is an upwardly built stallion with practically perfect breed characteristics! Bartele has the desired Frisian crotch position, an expressive head, and friendly eyes.

Unprecedented high breeding values for breed characteristics, build, and legs: 109, 111, and 109 and a total breeding value of 112!

The stud fee for Bartele 472 Sport is €600 (excluding VAT).

Stud Fee

600,-excl. btw

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