Want to prepare your Frisian horse for inspection?

At our training stable you can have your horse professionally trained for inspection or have it made inspection-ready. We stimulate your horse’s capabilities to the maximum degree using dosed training, so that it performs optimally on inspection day. The training includes a lot of variety, so that the horse does not find the work boring. Through a combination of training and nutrition, our goal is to get your horse in top condition, so that it has the best chance of success.

The preparation takes approximately 4 to 5 weeks, depending on the horse’s general condition upon delivery. Everything is taken care of for you down to the last detail, so that you do not have to worry before and on inspection day. Our expert farrier can shoe your horse properly for inspection.

Frisian Stallion Inspection

The first viewing for the stallions takes place in Drachten every year at the end of November. Stallions that turn three the following year and older can be presented. During the first viewing, the stallions are mainly judged on outward appearance (breed characteristics, build, and legs) and movement (the three basic gaits). The assessment during the first viewing consists of a presentation on the street (in-hand) and a presentation in the cage (free movement). Stallions of 5 years or older may be presented under saddle or in harness.

After this, the jury will let you know whether the stallion can proceed to the second viewing in Leeuwarden. All stallions that are designated for the second round for viewing and have a height of at least 1.58 m will receive the designation of “ster” (star). The stallion must also have received a positive result from the KFPS on the semen test and the X-ray examination.

The second viewing in Leeuwarden consists of an assessment of a presentation in the cage (free movement). The emphasis is on the assessment of the trot and canter. The stallion inspection jury decides whether a stallion is designated for the third viewing the following day. Stallions designated for the third viewing undergo a veterinary inspection. During the third viewing the stallions are presented in-hand. The stallion inspection jury will then announce the results concerning which stallions can go to the Central Inspection.

For stallions that took part in the first viewing, but have not been designated for the Central Inspection, a reinspection will be offered later in the year. The reinspection consists of a presentation under saddle or in harness, an assessment of the outward appearance in-hand, and a veterinary inspection. On the basis of the reinspection, stallions can still be designated by the stallion inspection jury for the Central Inspection.