An IBOP test for your horse?

If you would like your horse to undergo an IBOP test, we can arrange this for you.

You can have your horse presented in three different disciplines: the riding test, the driving test, or the harness test. The minimum age of your horse to participate in the IBOP is four years. With the IBOP test, your horse can attain the final designation of star, crown, or model. An IBOP for your horse is becoming increasingly important. It can have a positive impact not only on the horse itself, but also for any stallions from your line for the stallion inspection.

Star designation
When your mare, stallion, or gelding is provisionally designated as a star at the inspection, the horse can receive a final designation as star by means of an IBOP. The horse must then achieve an average of 6.7 for the walk and the trot, with a maximum of one 5, to be able to receive the final designation of star.

Crown/model declaration
If you have a provisional crown or model mare, you can, among other things, convert the provisional status into a final designation of crown or model by having the horse undergo an IBOP. The horse must complete an IBOP obtaining a minimum of 77 points, with an average of 7 for the walk and the trot.

In addition to the IBOP test, we also prepare horses for the ABFP tests and the offspring inspection.