Presenting horses in competitive sports

Over the past years we have had achievements in competitive sport with several horses. In 2013 Marcel Heuker won the title of the Dutch Championship Young Riders. In 2014 Marcel Heuker won the Championship of Honour for the competition car. Among other things, he made it to the finale of the category young Frisian horses with tack at the central inspection with several horses.

Dressage and Harness

We can show your horse in various competitive sports disciplines. For example, we can show your horse in the category young Frisian horses with dressage and/or tack skills, harnessed dressage, dressage, or in harness sport.

A horse’s performance in sports is becoming increasingly important, as attested by the sport and performance designations. After obtaining the sport designation, your horse can obtain the designation of crown. Sports performance is also becoming increasingly important for choosing stallions. Today, juries are increasingly looking at the sports performance of your line when your stallion undergoes an inspection.

The sport designation

The sport designation can be obtained if mares, geldings, and stallions achieve good results in competitive sport. The sport designation can only be obtained on the basis of results obtained during competitions registered with the KNHS (Royal Dutch Equestrian Sports Federation). The scores registered with the KNHS are decisive for eligibility for the sport designation. The minimum requirements for obtaining the sport designation.
  • Dressage: Z1 + 5
  • Harness: category honours class and/or open class, placed six times in a single season as prize-winner in KNHS competitions that qualify for registration of points.
  • Driving (dressage): ZZ + 5
  • Driving (compound): class 3 + 10. For both the KFPS and the KNHS, one must indicate in advance which Frisian horse(s) one wishes to enter. The horse must have obtained at least 10 points in class 3 from the moment the horse is registered with the KFPS and the KNHS.
The above requirements apply to sports performance achieved in the Netherlands. Similar requirements will be set for sports results achieved abroad, at the discretion of the KFPS inspection.