Want to prepare your Frisian horse for inspection? At our training stable you can have your horse professionally trained for inspection or have it made inspection-ready. We stimulate your horse’s capabilities to the maximum degree using dosed training, so that it performs optimally on inspection day. The training includes a lot of variety, so that the horse does not find the work boring. Through a combination of training and nutrition, our goal is to get your horse in top condition, so that it has the best chance of success.

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Competitive sport

We can compete your horse in various disciplines. For example, we can start your horse in the section young Frisian horses with dressage and/or harness aptitude, in the carriage dressage, dressage or in the harness sport.

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If you want your horse to participate in an IBOP test, we can arrange this for you. You can have your horse presented in three different disciplines: the driving test, the driving test or the harness test. The minimum age of your horse to participate in the IBOP is four years. By means of the IBOP test, your horse can definitively become star, crown or model.

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