The accommodations

What do our accommodations look like? And what facilities do we have for horses?

Zevenhuizen location

At our accommodation in Zevenhuizen we have an outdoor riding arena, walker, and longe circle. These have an all-weather floor with a sprinkler system so that we can train your horse in ideal conditions all year round. Our company is situated in beautiful surroundings with opportunities to ride the horses along the roads or on the sandy paths. This means that the training of our horses is not limited to our own accommodations.

Een location

At our accommodations in Een we have sufficient stables for the export and quarantine of horses. The stable is fully equipped for the horses’ optimal comfort. For example, there is a professional climate control system in the stables, and the boxes are large, ideal for young horses.

The facilities in Zevenhuizen

  • ✓ Spacious stables

  • ✓ Outdoor grazing

  • ✓ An exercise mill

  • ✓ A longe circle

  • ✓ Large outdoor riding arena

  • ✓ Dekstation faciliteiten

  • ✓ Washing area and spacious stallion stables

  • ✓ Modern trucks and trailers

The facilities in Een

  • ✓ ✓ Spacious stables

  • ✓ Outdoor grazing

  • ✓ Spacious washing areas

  • ✓ Several paddocks

  • ✓ Modern trucks and trailers

  • ✓ Climate control in the stables

  • ✓ Ideal stables for the young horses

  • ✓ Solarium